Sony is going to announce a newer version of its eBook tech

There will be an eBook themed event in NYC on 2nd October 08, as the company is issuing press invites these days. Yup! Sony is going to announce a newer version of its eBook tech. Read more →

Choosing Vodafone Mobile Broadband Provider

In recent years, broadband has become an essential technology to access the internet. Mobile broadband has developed to be the most innovative technology, which allows accessing the internet whether in home or office. Read more →

Facebook on Hiring Frenzy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has increased company’s work force by hiring people like crazy. The recent increase in the number of employees has been about 50%. Read more →

Shopping Spree through Total Online Holiday

There is high shopping and spending session that works over $30 Billion of spillage with online holiday spending just going over through several sessions and bringing in great deal of spending through several ways. Read more →

Sony Ericsson Fans March 400km

Sony Ericsson fans march from London to Liverpool for the MTV music awards. Read more →

Weak demands: Nvidia sees 60% drop in sales

Nvidia has just posted its 4Q financial results that are somewhat worse-than-expected as the company has to bear a huge $148m loss and nearly 60% drop in its sales because of the worldwide weak demands. Read more →

Animatronic dolphins to be used for special kids assistance

Animal-assisted & Creative Therapies is a company that has announced to build a new facility in Florida in which animatronic dolphins instead of the real ones will be used to assist those kids who have some developmental issues. The company is also considering featuring therapy dogs, miniature horses as well as parents’ training. Read more →

Premium Pricing for Nokia’s 1st Netbook

There had been a lot of speculation about the pricing of its 1st Netbook with Nokia’s intention for releasing it this year. The high end Netbook recently released through Nokia has some of the greatest features of all times. It comes with highlighted music, photos and multimedia services that will bring you a lot of pleasure. Read more →