1TB Portable Hardware Encrypted Launched

The very 1st 1TB portable hardware has been launched through Origin Storage as well as leading manufacturing and distribution of IT storage solutions. Read more →

Motion’s New J3400 tablet PC with double batteries

Well, there are many who often look for such a tablet PC as can easily go with them the whole day long for indoor as well as outdoor use. Read more →

Increasing number of cyber crimes and online safety

None can deny the importance of the internet use in our daily lives, but the sad fact is that majority of internet users are not quite well aware of some potent risks that relate to certain behaviors on the internet and that’s why the number of cyber crime is on increase with every passing day in many parts of the world. Read more →

Google’s Universal Online File Storage – Now Unlimited

Google has extended a new filing service beyond all boundaries. This service allows users to use 1 GB of space to store any data. The application is termed Google Apps called upload any file type. Read more →

Lenovo to Recommending New ThinkPad Line for SMBs

Lenovo on Monday cleared plans to launch an innovative ThinkPad laptop line the SL series consisted of features and hold up services geared towards diminutive and medium-size trades. Read more →

Nokia’s new 5730XpressMusic: an expression without 3G

It seems that Nokia wasn’t quite contented with the release of its N97 as the QWERTY based mobile function. At least the release of its 5730 XpressMusic suggests so, which is, undoubtedly, a nice addition in the range. Read more →

Webcams app addition in Google Maps service

Many reckon StreetView perfect, but mind it, it’s a year old now and Google can realize this well and that’s why a refreshingly new Webcams layer has just been unveiled by the search giant. Read more →

Twitter Helps to Monitor Earthquakes

According to the survey report of US Geological the twitter helps to monitor and manage the earthquakes. In this report about earthquakes this twitter can help very well. Twitter is a tool which used to monitor the earthquakes. Read more →