Latest PlayStation 3 Design by Sony

Sony Corporation has launched its latest version of PlayStation 3 video games. This gaming console not only seems to have found the wonderful price point to put a match to sales during the all significant seasons of Christmas. Read more →

1/2TB SSD notebook from Asus

Many manufacturers have come with their new notebooks at Consumer Electric Show, but most of these notebooks look faded in front of Asus’ new mighty mini notebooks’ next generation. Read more →

Sony to develop Tape Media Technology – LT05

Sony Corporation’s storage Division and the Technology companies have entered into a contrast to develop LTO Ultrium tape cartridge. This development will provide increased storage capacity for massive data available with IT users. Read more →

PayPal will finally be back in India!

Lots of people all over the country will be heaving a sigh of relief as PayPal will finally be resuming their services back in India from the 3rd of March. Read more →

Sony’s New Digital Photo Frame with Built-in Printer

The new launch of a multitasking singular S-frame with high stylization as well as S-frame digital photo framing with printer is in fact one of the really stylish photo frame printers of today Read more →

Release Candidate with New Firefox 3.6

The final release for Firefox 3.6 has been coming over soon. There have been some pushed out release hinting for the earlier release of Firefox 3.6 and these have rolled out quite immediately. Read more →

Samsung NC 10 Netbook PC

Samsung NC 10 netbook comes with a CPU that comprises an Intel Atom tm Processor N270 1.6GHz. Swift speed, light in weight laptop gives you the opportunity to surf the net, chat, message, mail and undergo various tasks. Read more →

Sony PlayStation 4 set to get multi-core CPU

The Japanese PC Watch Impress has reported that a multi-core Central Processing Unit (CPU) is being developed by Sony, Japan for its PlayStation 4.This breakthrough will be very welcome by the key games programmers. So far they could not completely master the PS3’s Cell architecture. Read more →