Sony Ericsson to launch Android handset in summer

People have been waiting for only one and now soon they will find a bunch of Androids there. Now Sony Ericsson says that its Android handset will be available in the coming year. Read more →

Keeping Mobile Search Simple and Local

This has to be one of the most effective measures of mobile search options that have been brought through Google. The tips and tricks about recapping some of the latest Google Search is all about bringing different mobile features loaded according to their area basis locations. Read more →

ExclusiveWeb: Give a real artistic touch to your online appearance

Whether you are running an E-commerce site or a personal blog, your online appearance tells every story about it and that’s why it is quite important to have a charming and friendly design as well as impressive content to serve your visitors best. Read more →

The Upcoming List from Twitter

The new and upcoming list from Twitter is about to bring a great project lead from the fresh Lists that are soon to be launched. The idea is to bring about people who are regular on Twitter so that they can curate different lists of Twitter accounts. Read more →

PS3 sales are 30% more than expected, Sony’s CEO says

Sony is quite habitual to keep talking about its games consoles and we know well why, as the business of selling gaming hardware depends a lot on projecting confidence and inspiring gamers to invest in a specific platform. Read more →

Facebook redesigned third-party app directory

During the last two months, Facebook has redesigned almost each and every part of their site, and things are still being changed as the social networking site has come up with a new design of its third-party application directory along with the new interface. In this new app directory different Facebook-verified applications Read more →

Acer is planning for 50% of netbook market share