1/2TB SSD notebook from Asus

Many manufacturers have come with their new notebooks at Consumer Electric Show, but most of these notebooks look faded in front of Asus’ new mighty mini notebooks’ next generation.

This new machine has been named the S121 and it features the world’s first 1/2TB SSD.

If you don’t find it quite impressive or newsworthy, the S121’s SSD has some other things to impress you as it is being claimed that that would work three time faster than the hard drives you normally find in other hard drives.

Similarly, it has also been claimed that their data transfer rate is almost double than you can find in other Solid State Drives.

It is big on disk size, but quite light when it comes to weight and seems to offer eight hrs unplugged entertainment.


The jet black chassis houses the Z520 Intel Atom process along with Asus’ impressive hybrid engine.
Johnny Shih, the chairman and CEO of Asus, says: “its cost will be a bit higher,” and if you want one, you definitely need to talk with your bank manger.


As we can expect that its launch date has not been announced yet. However, you may find it in the shelves within next three or six months.

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