1,500 Google Chrome Extensions launch for PC

Chrome Extensions

Chrome-ExtensionsIn this New Year, Google announced ‘bundle of browser goodness’ for chrome’s users. With new extension system for stable browser, now users can access 1,500 unique features to increase their browsing experience.

By Google Dictionary, Google Mail Checker and Chromed Bird, you can connect with your Twitter account with just a click.

These extensions programmers create functionality like make an alerts or notify you so that you can easily access your favorite web services etc.

Extension gallery includes all extensions for Google Chrome depending on your interest and takes few seconds to install and uninstall and from tool menu, setting of these extension can be changed.

A new feature of Bookmark Sync is useful for those who use different computers at different places to synchronize their browsers and bookmarks across computers.

Google performance improved 42% since its last stable release. Google Extensions is still in beta for a Linux user only and right now it is not available for a Linux user.

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