10 Top ways to make your laptop battery last longer

laptop1There are better, faster and lighter components for mobiles that making mobile computing more and more enjoyable with every passing day.

When it comes to laptops, their battery really serves as the weakest link, but you can turn this weakness into strength just looking into ways that can boast your laptop battery life.

With every passing day, there are more graphic focusing operating systems and loads of energy consuming applications that juice out your laptop battery in the twinkling of any eye. Here are some ways that can keep you on work with your laptop the whole day long.


  1. If you regularly defrag the hard disk, it will make your hard drive work less that puts lesser load on your laptop battery and your laptop battery lasts quite longer.
  2. You must monitor the usage of resources through Windows Task Manager. It is better to shut down non essential programs in the task bar if you are not online.
  3. Most of external devices like USBs serve as the biggest battery power drainer. You must keep devices like external speakers, PC cards, an external mouse, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and iPod unplug.
  4. If you have watched some DVD or CD, don’t leave it anymore in DVD/CD Drives, as they can suck battery power like a swab.
  5. Don’t use DVD external drives when you are running your laptop on batteries, you can shift this content to HD or can run it through virtual drives.
  6. Another big sink of some laptop is its LCD screen, Use Function key toggles to standardize the brightness at the level you can bear.
  7. You can maximize the battery life of your laptop by muting the speakers and to avoid using multimedia software.
  8. It’s better not to put any screensaver to give little boost to your laptop battery life.
  9. Try to get acquainted with the given Power Options that are available in the Control Panel, familiarity with these options can help you a lot to save considerable power for your laptop.
  10. If you are working on lots of programs when you are on the battery it’s the surest way to drain you laptop juice. Though it’s difficult, try to restrict yourself one or two programs when your laptop runs on battery.
    Following these ways you can make the most of your laptop and keep its battery run longer.

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