Bathroom Gadgets

Tile Vision:

Photo by ArtistOnline

A waterproof TV, totally based on LG Philips TFT technology. Feasible to install in a bathroom without having fear of being spoiled by water or lather of your shampoo. So, you can enjoy your favorite show while taking shower, brushing your teeth or while having a hair style. This dynamic technology can be installed in your living and bedroom as well.

Mirror finish, black and silver are the colour choices available.

Toilet Floor Internet:

Though seems alien to hear or imagine about but you can browse your internet settings on toilet floor. Created by “Media Plaza”, a complete computer under your feet.


Intelligent Shower:

Here comes a miracle in the world of Bathroom Gadgets, a smart shower which changes colour with difference in water temperature. Actually the head of the shower shows change in the “lights” colour. Batteries are not required to run this, but total costs around $105.

Photo by Rolled Fondant

Shower with a MIC:

Here we are giving a reason to be happy for all “BATHROOM SINGERS”. Revolutionary addition in bathroom gadgets is a shower Mic, so go on singing and bathing. Its antimicrobial properties made it hygienic and durable. Sponge material facilitates washing. Available in clear nice packaging.

Photo by Al B Sure Unibrow Foundation

Wireless Digital Shower:

Grohe’s TURBOSTAT technology enables you to press a button, adjust temperature of water shower while lying in your bed. As Grohterm’s new Wireless Digital Shower can be controlled from any where in the house. Moreover, this smart bathroom gadget automatically controls the temperature while any instant change occurs in water pressure. Thus preventing too hot and cold water coming from shower.

Photo by Cleveland Modern Homes

Such smart gadgets are bit heavy on pocket to be installed as prices ranges from $ 1,306 including installation charges.

Toilet with MP3

You can enjoy your favorite music in your toilet as this TOILET MP3 works with your toilet. SD memory based system can be installed on the wall above your toilet wall, having a receiver under toilet seat.

Photo by onzornela32d

Nose Shaped Shower Gel Dispenser:

A rubber nose is installed on a wall having two cups for shower gel fillings. Either press it or squeeze the nose, green coloured gel comes out from the right side of the nose making you smile, a funny bathroom gadget to use and interesting for first look. Just 9 inch high and easy to refill.

Photo by ArtistOnline

Modern Toilet Paper Dispensers:

So, here is another technology supported by “Atech”. It’s an iPod designed with a toilet paper dispenser having a USB slot and a dock connector, smart speakers are arranged in the arms of dispenser and are not visible. But operational buttons are located at the top for convenience sake. Enjoy your music collection in washroom with this gadget.

Photo by alicia.lee

Waterproof Notebook:

If you are the one working with creative products of an author and usually get ideas while shower, this Aqua Notes is your absolute choice. A waterproof notepad is extremely good in terms of durability and allows you to continue writing even under water surface. As its pencil is made of 100% CEDAR (a water resistant material in nature).

Photo by DC Fotofeed

A Cleaning Device (SWIPE)

Designed in shape of a little smart Razor with a squeeze, to wipe the mirror when it get frosty due to seam, its funny because stick up to mirror or tile due to its double suction cups and smart because cleans up very rapidly.

Photo by Prozac74

Smart Shaver:

It’s not like ordinary shavers. In fact a smart one which keeps your fashion identity safe – a Goatee Shaver. A novel tool created to ensure the perfect shape of your goatee every time. Thus reserving your style individuality.

Photo by Mygiftsmine

Wall Hooks:

Here we mention two. One as the shape of Dog – but that is the ends of Towel holder. Now an “excited man” is in the market. Giving you a real reason to laugh when you hang your clothes on this holder. A very simple and innovative bathroom gadget.

Photo by tengtan (busy, will catch up)

Shower Curtains:

An essential bathroom gadget, but if you are bore of the traditional ones and you are a mere fan of suspense horror movies, this “Psycho” shower curtain will add a more mystery into your bathroom. As in most horror movies something fishy happens during shower.

Photo by Not Jane Doe

Toothpaste Squeezer:

If you are the person got irritated when someone push your toothpaste right in the middle, this smart squeezing bathroom gadget will prevent you from getting furious. A simple wall mountable device which compresses your toothpaste tube when winds up, ensuring the full usage of your toothpaste.

Photo by poopertown