Yeah! It’s, indeed, surprising. Not even a month has passed when Sony announced its 80GB version of the PlayStation 3 and now there is a console with a 160GB hard drive. Surprising, but Sony is quite habitual to give surprises that’s why no wonder.

The new PS3 will be available with DualShock 3 controller as well as the historical adventure game Drake’s Adventure. The new PS3 has been scheduled to arrive in US during November this year and it will set you back in $499

160 GB boost for what? How many downloads from the PlayStation Network? This large step to double storage to 160GB seems pretty clear that it’s for movies.

As SCEA’s press release points out: “The bundle is, definitely, a  great option for those consumers who want to have video delivery service of PlayStation Network as it offers downloads of new blockbuster movies and TV shows on an ongoing basis”

In UK, Sony seems to keep selling the 80GB Core Pack model in £299.99 and we can expect that the price of its big brother would be around £350.We will surely bring you more details as we get them.