1mm-thin OLED TV from CMEL

CMEL seems to believe that the time is right to bring forward its efforts in OLED TV production in the form of a 25-inch screen that is just 1mm thick.

According to the New York Times, its drawing large crowds at Flat Panel Display International and the current effort looks the largest so far at such thickness.

CMEL has already displayed OLED screens with a 3mm thickness just like Sony’s consumer XEL-1 OLED TV. However, now it seems that some new production techniques have been used in the making of this 25-inch panel.

This new 1mm-thin OLED TV from CMEL has a WXGA screen resolution of 1366×768 that is quite close to HD quality.And it also has some usual OLED benefits of low power consumption and low image blur.

Sony also showed a 1mm thick OLED panel at that event, but this display was just of 11-inch and it was easily outdone by CMEL’s new effort.

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