Malicious codes are a threat to the whole computer world. They may be in the form of worms, viruses or Trojan horses. They infect the systems and the users lose their important data.

Such a latest discovery has been made by Panda Labs where they have found a 56th variant of a family of worms, which swindles Facebook users. It is called Boface.BJ worm.

How does it work? It is important to know how it cons the users of global social networking hub Facebook so that one can stay away from such fraudulent programs.

It makes the user believe that their system has been infected by some virus, and they must buy an antivirus. This way, the worm downloads and installs downloads and installs rogue anti malware.

Panda’s ActiveScan online scanner has compiled data which shows that since 2008, 1 % of all scanned systems were infected by a variant of this very worm. Thus the technical director of Panda Labs Luis Corrons said, “Extrapolating this data with an estimate of the number of Facebook users, about 200 million, we approximate that two million users could be infected. The increasing number of variants in circulation is due to the aim of cyber-crooks to infect as many users as possible and therefore boost their financial returns.”

40 % of these infections have been identified in US, whereas the other 60 % are scattered in the entire world. Within 4 hours of the infection, the worm takes action as soon as the users of infected systems log on to their Facebook accounts. Again, it sends a message to all friends in user’s network directing them to a YouTube link where they download the fake antivirus disguised as a media player. So Facebook users, beware!