Los Angeles Auto ShowThe 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show is on top of the automotive events along with the worldwide bringing of some of the latest news with vehicles from different auto manufactures. This has been around the world for quite some time. There have been differing features with more than 900 vehicles coming across from different countries with everything from sports cars as well as sedans to even crossovers and minivans.

The LA Auto Show has been touring over 30 World and North American debuts. They have all been stylish and affordable debuts featuring the Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet’s very first electric vehicle as well as the Volt plus Outback and Legacy from Subaru. There have been some of the most incredible manufacturing as well as record breaking vehicles with smart and ecologically beneficial green technology cars. The Volkswagen Up Lite is one of those main cars that have come to steal the attention of those lovers of ecologically beneficial cars. About 50 different hybrid cars have also been part of the number of cars being featured in the show.

Moder clean diesel as well as electric and hydrogen fuel cell driven and natural gas cars have also been featured. Ethanol powered vehicles have also been on display along with several other such new inventions which are meant to make your heart smile. James Bell has been the executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book and has been brining out the latest big news for these cars on display. Kelley Blue Book is quite the trusted resource if you are going to dig in more info on the show and how it works with all the new and old cars that are being presented your way.

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