2009 Webware 100 winners announced

The winners of the 2009 Webware 100 have just been announced, according to which Google has once again emerged on top by winning 11 awards in all.

In the voting, nearly 630,000 votes were cast to select 100 top Web 2.0 services and sites. In the previous year, there were lots of surprises for the sites and services that were expected to win these awards, and the same thing happened again.

The biggest surprise, just like previous year, was related to Gaia Online, a social networking site which got excessively large number of votes quite similar to big-in-china browser. Justin TV also seemed to do remarkably well and joined the Webware 100 winners list.


There were also surprises related to some services which couldn’t make the mark in the final winners list, as for instance Blogger from Google failed to make a cut and it was a fact that Google failed to get any award in some really tough contesting Social and Publishing category. The category achieved more votes than any other category.

Just like previous year, Digg once again failed to be in winners’ lineup during this year. In fact a big spike in votes can be generated with the Webware 100 for traffic charts, but they indicate that these spikes failed to cause the essential traffic that was necessary to get enough votes to be declared as the winner in some category.

According to readers suggestions in the contest not only those products that got popular vote should be included, but also those that editors of the contest pick. The wisdom of the voters can’t be second guessed, but still an 11th Editors Choice category is being included in it. Some small and less popular products will be included in this category.

Source; cnet.com

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