It looks quite obvious, but still it feels somewhat upsetting when they say mobile phones would replace PCs in 2020.

American Life Project and the Pew Internet have travel to the coming decade and quite convinced that the Apple iPhone is an absolutely right idea for it.

More than 77% experts, which conducted researches and surveys on it, are agree with the idea that the internet would become a true representative of the internet by 2020. Similarly, more than 50% established that virtual reality also stored a great role to play.

Considering LTE, WiMAX and 4G technologies that are able to provide 50Mb/s of speed have been already deployed and they seem to suggest wireless internet wouldn’t be quite difficult in the coming days.

If it is considered how many handsets with such traits have been evolved during the past five years, they are nearly ten which indicate that the world might not be a lot more net connected place in the near future.

Another good news as 60% experts agreed that there would be more files for all by 2020 as the annoying copy controls on files to be slipped.

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