Perhaps the numbers have got mixed up, or the App Store is a lot more popular than we could expect.

There is an Apple ad in the New York Times which reveals that more than 300m downloads have been made from its App Store.

It was in end of October when Apple chief Steve revealed the figures of 200m and it was just after 100 days of its launch and now these downloads have crossed 300m figures.

People seem less enthusiast especially about pocket-money prices apps, but surprisingly nearly 2.5m downloads are being made from App Store every day.

According to market analyst Gartner, sales figures for the third quarter showed that 4.7m iPhones have been sold in that period following Blackberry 5.8m and Nokia 15.5m.

It shows that Apple has achieved a +300% growth rate that it absolutely contrary to 3.1% drop in Nokia’s sales for that period last year.

All these figures are fueling those rumors and speculation which suggesting that 4GB iPhone may hit the shelves on Dec.28 with a hanging price tag of just $99. It’s true or not only time can tell. But still we can hope for the best.

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