3D Product Update from Sony

3D Product Update

The latest important updates from Sony now include the Full HD 3D movie playback system. This currently comes with the Blu-ray disc with bigger talking points to boost it than it was in its last year’s pack.

The Blu-ray home cinema is from Sony and comes with dual channel systems. There is a 2.1 channel as well as a 5.1 channel system. These are for users who want the full on home entertainment system experience. This is trendy, stylish and comes in dual modes too. The 2.1 package can be used in terms of desktop or wall mounted with satellite speakers attached to it. This is the BDF-F500 while the other one, the BDF-F700 is all about its slim floor standing speakers.

There is a main unit connecting it with the LED illumination. This is another extraordinary feature that comes with the second unit. The latest 5.1 channel is also quite exception with its complete home theatre system experience. This plays high and brings a wonderful definition to the 3D content of the Blu-ray Disc system.

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