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There have been several iPhone accessories that are of great value and importance that bring a wonderful experience for your iPhone. Aside from the really new iPhone features there are now new additions to the list of accessories that come with your iPhone to bring you one of the greatest experiences with iPhones.

Most of the following tried and tested accessories bring about the best of iPhone features have been there for quite sometime and they still seem to be compatible even with the new additions.

Among the highly rated ones these are as follows:


Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone 3G:

This is one of the greatest high hours running iPhone application that is low profile and yet quite comfortable to use. This fits in easily with high rate accessorizing. This is a necessary step to go with water resistance facility and makes it easier for you as well as comfortable to use.


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This is quite highly graded and has been one of the very initial popular applications to be used by iPhone users.

MD-210 “iMuffs” Bluetooth Stereo Headphones:

This is one of the most ridiculously named iPhone applications but come with a high quality stereo Bluetooth. The wireless headset is all about an unsightly adapter. But the price for it overall is quite well worth it. The A2DP functionality is quite advanced.


 sPhoto by MobileBurn


This is also highly water resistant. So even if you are sweating like a wild horse, you would not have to worry about wasting your iPhone. The sound quality comes to be supreme as well.

Case Mate Naked Case for iPhone 3G:

This is a great iPhone application that brings about a great acrylic protective case which makes it possible for you to employ in the world all of the greatest naked as well as electrostatic design coming with the barely there looks. This is a flawless factor being seen through the iPhone that brings about the very fresh 3G’s to the forefront.


 sPhoto by morgrar


The latest flawless characteristic brings about one of the greatest case-mate designs that you could ever look for. The rate is quite high among iPhone applications fans. With the price it comes in, it is quite a deal to be checked out with.

Kensighton Mini Battery Pack:

This is a great Mini Battery pack that comes in the shape of a snuff box with all the portable as well as high surge of energy coming over a great talk time. It is quite habit forming and on the brighter side it is highly empowered and has to be arrested in the right way.


 sPhoto by Laughing Squid


It brings about a 3 whole hour talk time mode which is really tempting.

Dual or iPod/iPhone Dock:

This is one of the neatest applications that anyone would love with all the 30-pin connector set up. The throw line is all about the iPhone 3G with a dock that is so incredible that will tempt you right in. The application is totally great with all the tunes that it brings. It is also rather highly charged with the simultaneous changes working greatly for it. It would happen to be one of your primary past times when you bring along some of the highest dual functions at your leisure. This will come to be one of the greatest applications that can be accessed through iPod or iPhone. Any dual functionality coming with such incredible switch modes is going to please any user.


 sPhoto by Josh Helfferich


There are many different and upcoming applications and these come to be one of the most interesting ones that most users have voted along with high popularity and service status.