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iPhone GamesIf we were to list down five games for iphone zombie lovers then these would definitely be the top picks.

Call of duty: world at war: zombies: this is iphone’s first official CoD game. It is all about zombie whompin. The environment and essence comes straight from the console game mode. It also aids four players via wifi or internet. As of now there is only one map to deal with. However, activision promises to release more versions. The iphone has now brought the experience right down to your fingertips where you can just shuffle and have the nazi soldiers at your command.

According to the official description, the users are supposed to be familiar with the map before starting off. In addition to the nazi extermination, the iphone also allows 4 players via wifi. It also enables two players to connect through Bluetooth.

Alive 4 ever: this game brings in a bit of role playing along with handling heavy duty machine guns. It gives you an option of four characters to play and also increases your experience.

Dead panic: this is a combo of tower of defense and dawn of the dead. You have to place your soldiers properly. Then point them towards the omnidirectional zombie. It is thrilling and does satisfy your blood lust.
Resident evil degeneration and resident evil 4; no other games will give you a zombie experience better than this one. These games let you slug it out along rails and even in free roaming graveyards. You can also access free versions to assess their credibility first.

Zombieville USA: this is the ultimate zombie whompin game. It is both bloody and cartoonish. You will have to blast the hordes and buy bigger arms and ammunitions. It is a bid for survival. And it is definitely worth the money. It is available at all apple stores. In this game you will have to battle out fierce enemies as a lone survivor of the apocalypse. It is a test of endurance.

You will have to buy weapons to keep danger away from you. It has two basic objectives. The 1st is to kill zombies and the 2nd is to stay alive. You will also have to act quickly and be alert. At the end of each level you will get to refuel your ammunitions and weapons. You will be progressing levels one at a time. Such a great game obviously does not come without quirky elements. You can try out free versions or check out feedbacks to decide whether you want to purchase it or not. However, this does remain a top pick with the majority.

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