lcd-iconHow important the color representation is, all who are on their computers for some graphics and its related work can realize this importance very well. For designers, photographers and other artists, a nice display with maximum color accuracy and real depiction is considered an integral part to get the most of their endeavors.

It has been noticed that most of the typical LCD monitors do not seem to offer the desired results in this connection, as they often do not meet their standards of exacting color.

If you want to make the most of your graphics work, you need to pick an impressive LCD monitor for your PC. Here are some that can serve your purpose best in graphics work.


NEC MultiSync (19”) LCD

When on their PCs, most of designers look for maximum graphics workspace for their work, but it is also true that all can’t afford to have a large LCD panel for their work. Those who are on budget and looking for a modest sized screen with chanting features, the NEC MultiSync LCD is a real thing for them with its impressive color range and traditional 4:3 aspect screen ratio.

It connects VGA as well as DVI and if you are looking for something really affordable and impressive for your graphic work, it will set you back in $480.


NEC MultiSync (22”) Monitor

Graphic designers and other artists are quite well aware of color calibration importance in graphic work. There are two SpectraView 11 color calibration unit in the NEC MultiSync 22” monitor.

The 22” screen has a spacious gamut for AdobeRGB that is quite near to the usual profiles of color which are used in printing work. Its screen has 1680×1050 resolutions with the aspect ratio of 16:10. There are DVI-D and VGA connectors in it and it’s available in $750 to $800 price range.


HP LP2475w (24”) monitor

Price is always a nagging issue with most of high color professional graphics monitors and it’s the use of IPS panels which cause that increase in high color production.

You wouldn’t find the highest color output in the HP LP2475w 24” monitor, but it has an IPS screen that is undoubtedly the most affordable IPS screens in 24” class. It has 1920×1200 color resolution and available with an array of connectors including DVI-D, HDMI, Display Port, S-Video etc. It’s available in $550 to $600 price range.


NEC MultiSync (26”) BK

NEC is quite well known for its wide gamut and high color LCD monitors and it has been producing many impressive high resolution displays for quite some time, now these guys have come up with a new panels class that measures 25.5” in actual, however, it offers a bit bigger display with 1920×1200 resolution of 24” screens.

Screen color offera 97.8% AdobeRGB color gamut which makes it the best for all those who want to get the most of their graphics work as well as of printing. It doesn’t require any specific graphics card hardware and has the price tag of $1280.


NEC MultiSync (30”)

30-inch display is the largest available size for PCs. With their exceptional 2560×1600 resolution, these monitors seem quite effective to put each and every detail in your graphics work. Just like their performance, the price tags they have are also quite high.  With 97.8% color gamut, and dual link DVI-D connector, they have the price tags of $2200.


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