Different businesses have different sort of storage needs. A small external hard drive that has sufficient space can be very handy when traveling.

Those users who have to work in home offices like to have centralized HD storage and similarly, if there are many PCs in a small office, centralized as well as network-attached storage devices (NAS) can be a better option.

Those who edit images or videos often need fast transfer speeds with decent storage, a device that has eSATA connectivity can prove a better option for these people.

Here are some well-known storage devices that seem to serve your purpose best in their respective fields.


1. Seagate FreeAgent Go

This small external hard drive offers nice transfer speeds, great portability and runs in a real quiet and cool manner. It has compact but robust design and you can easily fit the device into your briefcase as well as pocket. It’s quite simple to use as you need just to plug it in the available USB port of your laptop or computer. It has 500GB capacity that is somewhat more than enough even for biggest files. It has the price tag of $369.


 SPhoto by Solertopazio



2. My Passport Studio II

With exceptional speed and great portability, My Passport Studio II is a real gift for those computers as can be connected with FireWire 400 and 800 devices. The device has been especially designed for Mac users, but you can also use it on PCs running on Vista or XP after reformatting it with NTFS. It has a $379 price tag.


 sCredit: pcworld.idg



3. Maxtor BlackArmor

It’s a great storage option for those who want to keep their data extremely secure. It has 320GB storage that is quite sufficient for almost all types of big files. It’s available in $299.


4. QNAP TS-639 Pro Turbo NAS

With an array of server features and more than 9TB data storing capacity, the QNAP TS is a real comprehensive device with 6 days that each can utilize 1.5TB drives, so after linking to RAID 0 or JBOD, you can store data worth up to 9TB.

Data redundancy can also be increased with RAID 1,5 and 6.There are eSATA and USB 2.0 ports which indicate that you can also link to it some more external storage drives at faster speed. One touch USB backup allows you to transfer data to the NAS device.



5. Thecus N3200

If the QNAP TS-639 is somewhat beyond your purse reach, nothing to be worry about, as there is another reliable option for you in the form of Thecus N3200. With its easy to use software and 3 hard drive bays, Thecus N3200 seems to offer some really reliable solution for you data storage needs.  The nicest thing about the Thecus N3200 is its reasonable price tag of just $599. Its friendly Web interface makes it a great option for simple and easy network storage.