5 Years of Firefox

5 Years of Firefox

Firefox is celebrating 5 years of its birth. So it has been 5 years with the launch Firefox 1.0 with the most significant social as well as technological gifts being asserted through openness as well as accessible way has meant for everyone.

 sPhoto by Christopher Blizzard

The Internet is one of the most interesting sources about being able to download into the fresh browsing experience. This has been a very interesting process since the launch of the first few days of the introduction of Firefox.
The number of users for Firefox has even exceeded higher to 330 millions across the world. This has also gone up to the Internet in the form of worldwide Firefox choice for this huge number of users.

The Firefox ships have been working through 70 languages and have even got 7,000 add-ons through customized experiences. There are also mobile devices that bring about Mozilla to the commitment of the building of an open as well as participatory process of networking, surfing and using the internet. The incredible and most exciting thing about participating in the Internet is all about bringing the different activations into one whole system.

Firefox has been able to bring that productivity into alignment with some of the most incredible working through the next 5 years of working and activation.

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