It’s not an amazing or earth shattering sort of news, but apparently it looks that more than 80% of cell phone users want more personalization on their mobile phones.

According to Mformation, “it’s not about ringtones and the like, as people want more control over their applications.”

The results of a survey reveal that two thirds of the 4,000 surveyed are willing to pay a premium to feel more in tune with their handset to pick and choose application.

This vision will soon become a reality with the launch of open-source operating systems.

Mathew Bancroft, vice President of Mformation, says: “Though consumers are eager to use more applications and services, these must be tailored according to the needs of each user.”

“Operators can get this if they allow a pick-and-mix approach to applications and services. The current survey suggests that consumers like to choose from various applications and services and tailor them according to their needs when they buy a new phone.”

“They like to have similar sort of flexibility to personalize and add new services as they use the phone.”

The survey also showed that a large number of respondents didn’t know how to use the higher-powered functionality of their handsets, as only 57 percent knew about email, 54 percent about picture messaging and 49 percent about Internet.

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