80GB PlayStation 3, the All New and Trendy Gadget

This gadget now out in Japan is a very slim looking PlayStation which brings a lot of different pieces together. Sony’s 20GB, 40 GB as well as 60 GB PlayStation 3 have been all arcane figures now with the new inclusion in the models of 80 GB as well as 160 GB.

From August 9th these would be released to be represented in Japan and would be noted to be making mega leaps in the market and over all, the history of PlayStation.

They are going to be released in Japan for a limited time period and there after would be available on special request to the manufacturers. Store owners are going to take in-store displays for the 80 GB model and bringing in the slimmer versions of course.

With whimsical speculations there are going to be some rather limited release and not all are going to be able to grab these gadgets no matter how one wants for now.

Source: engadget

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