The iPhone and the Nokia N96: The two kings for one throne.  Princes may be in hundreds, but the king is one who rules the kingdom and it’s not easy to be a King, particularly, if one is not an inborn king. However, so far the kingdom of cellphone industry is concerned, everyone is a self-claimed king. Apart from self-claimed kings there are some king cellphones that have been declared as the king of the ring by the users. Apple’s iPhone 3G and Nokia N96 are two kings of their respective rings, but what if we have to choose one from these two? Here, is a comparison to make it easier to choose from these two.

So far specs are concerned, they both are somewhat similar in specs and have a wealth of applications.

Though the N96 is big and wide, it feels nice in the hand with its decent built and solid chassis. On the other hand, iPhone 3G is smarter and wider than the N96.

It feels nice with aluminum back. In short, (without beating about the bush) iPhone 3G design is better than the N96.


iPhone’s applications are simple and easy to access while in the N96 we have the feel of menu climbing menu.

No doubt a class leading 5 megapixels, Carl Zeiss, twin LED camera on the back of N96 is matchless and it’s useless to compare it with iPhone’s 2Mp snapper without flash or video capability.

Both these phones don’t allow you to feel media deprived as they both are full of powerful media features. But the iPhone is on the edge with media power of its cousin iPod. I don’t think I need to tell you anything about iPod, as you may have flipped through thousands of Apple iPod reviews or even have that charming product.



So far internet is concerned; it’s always a strong point of iPhone that is loaded with power of safari browser to make mobile Internet experience nice. No doubt, the Nokia N96 also has a great web browser, but mobile surfing with mouse is absolutely crucial as it doesn’t have a touchscreen.

Battery life of both these phones are almost the same as they both have to be recharged after a day’s moderate –to-heavy use. The 3G coverage of the Nokia N96 is the point that makes it a better phone than the Apple’s iPhone. The poor 3G coverage of Apple’s iPhone is an open secret.

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