This Monday we have decided to dedicate the morning to those tech enthusiasts sitting in their corporate cubicles and the iPhone savvy geeks waking up and getting ready to dive back into those pile of books or the information highway.

For as long as we can remember Dell store has provided better customization options for its compact 13/ 14 inch notebooks and the 17 inch desktop replacement notebooks as compared to the 15 inch notebooks in almost all the notebook series that they have ever brought out. However, for once, Dell seems to have treated its 15 inches notebooks in a series that offers 13 and 17 inch notebooks as well, on par!

While the Dell store already offered higher end Core 2 Duo processors for the 13 inch and the 17 inch XPS M series models, it was only on Friday afternoon when the top shots at Dell seem to have done the unexpected. A small change on Friday evening in the processor upgrade options actually meant that the 15 inch Penryn stocked XPS M1530 got the upgrade options for Core 2 Duo T8300, T9300 and T9500. The 2.4GHz, 2.5GHz and 2.6GHz chips can be added at an upgrade cost of $75, $200 and $475 respectively.

Ok, time to switch to the iPhone news update now… Well, here’s some news you’ll love and we are going to keep follow closely. Some major Video Game publishers are planning on releasing game titles custom built for the iPhone in the near future. According to Engadget, “It’s no accident that EA and Sega were both selected to demonstrate their skills with the iPhone SDK during last week’s press event. Now Gameloft, the worldwide number one mobile game publisher in terms of revenues — has committed to developing games for the iPhone. “Over 15 titles” are expected in 2008, in fact.”

Well, other small and large firms like Id Software have begin committing to publish gaming titles for the iPhone and the stage seems all set up already. Well, I for one will search the holy internet umpteen times a day for the first release while you can keep an eye on this blog.

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