Today Sony Computer Entertainment i.e. SCE has announced a fresh tool and SDK for PS3. According to reports, these launches include version of its debugging Reference Tool and for developers there is a new SDK.

This announcement is a reference to further development from Sony. Developers will be able to have hands on the SDK by following into an agreement with SCEI by signing it and purchasing tool items.

With the help of this new Reference Tool, developers will be able to create forward and seasoned gaming programs with more in depth and precise computer graphics. It is speculated that this model will hold great attraction for a large number of developers and publishers because of its reachable price tag. Informations tell that it will be hitting the market with a $2,000 i.e. £1600.


It is hoped that it will be a milestone in adding up new speed and graphics experiences to the gaming world.  Besides this, Sony will be providing rich layout of tools accompanied with the technological support to the game developers.


Another plus point; a compiler for software development kit i.e. SNC PPU is powerful enough to generate 1st rate code of PS3.