AC adapter find their way out of new laptops

Gone are those days when one needs to carry huge power adapter with laptops and search for power bricks that accommodate these. Thanks to Fujitsu, a Japan based company, who had made a revolution in transistor design and has now made us say a good bye to these huge adaptors.

The researchers from this company are confident that the innovative gallium-nitride (GaN) transistor they have developed can be used in a much smaller power supply unit. The company feels this new innovation will result in lesser power consumption and also will cut the loss in electric equipment.

One of the researchers Toshihide Kikkawa said to the media that in just less than five year, Fujitsu will be able to develop a new technology that would eliminate the AC adaptors from laptops and computers.

This clearly shows us the road map for new laptops with inbuilt power supply.

Source: techradar

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