Acer is planning for 50% of netbook market share

We can count netbook market among those really strong electronics markets that left in these credit-crunched days and Acer is planning to be the king of this saved kingdom.

The PC maker is feeling somewhat superior after it’s over £100m profit for Q3 financial results.

During the last three months, Acer has sold more than two million nebooks worldwide and its Aspire is the best seller among the range. The company is looking forward to grow further.

These nice results have prompted the company to predict that it will sell 50% more netbooks next year that would make the sale of around 15 million units.

Acer President, JT Wang says that the company’s netbook shipments are likely to increase by up to 35 percent to meet the demand.

So, we have to wait and see how far Acer succeed to achieve its target, chances are bright or not, only time will tell, but ‘change’ has come: for good or for bad? Again time will tell.

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