Acer uncovers wide array of products on a single night

acer_logoIt happens once in a blue moon when some company dares to uncover more than twenty new devices in just one night.

You believe it or not, but well-known PC heavyweight Acer has done this by revealing an array of refreshingly new systems, two netbooks, a new laptop line as well as new version of its 3935G, 5935G and 8935G media center series.

Let’s try to find out what these new Acer’s paraphernalia have something worthwhile for you.

The Acer Aspire Timeline series

This utterly new Timeline series has been developed under the very chants of revolutionizing the IT world. No more heavier and bulkier batteries, but they are quite efficient this time with the latest existing technology that promises a real longer battery life. The nicest thing is that all has been done without breaking their $1,000 limits. Acer says that the new series also features its latest air flow technology that is quite handy to redirect their cool air of these laptops bottom side.


The series consists of 13.1”, 14.1” and 15.6” models and each of them houses Intel ULV processors, LED 16:9 displays, standard SSDs and several energy efficient techs that you can find in most of laptops available in the market these days.


Netbook line updates

The company has also updated its well-known netbook line, as a thinner version of their Aspire One has also been that is less than one inch thick this time, but most the other features and specs are almost the same as you have seen in the previous 10” model.


Acer Aspire One (11.6-inch) was the other model that Acer launched at the event. It has 11.6-inch screen that can’t be reckoned as the widest screen on some netbook, as Dell’s Mini Insiprion has a 12” screen. However, there is a full size keyboard that with its nice screen may change game in the netbook category.


Gateway EC

Acer seems to emphasize a lot on green aspects with the launch of its Gateway EC 13.3” laptop. It features swithcable graphics, a 16:9 LED display and SSDs, low-power mode and its compliance of Energy Star 5.0. No word about availability or price of the new Gateway.



Media centre series update

Aside from these netbooks, the company has also updated its 18-inch media centre dubbed as the Aspire 8935G. Acer seems to put some more thoughts to redesign the series, this redesign is quite evident their interiors, as you would find chiclet keyboard instead of traditional ones. The Aspire 3935G and Aspire 5935G are other smaller versions in their media center laptops.


Other models

eMachines series

With Pentium or Intel Celeron processors, 16:9 aspect ratio, added AMD Athlon option for G and E, wide keyboards, DVD drive, webcam and Wi-Fi and five-in-one card reader, Acer makes the eMachines series quite charming. The D (14-inch) and G (17-inch) models have half TB HDD and 4GB of RAM.



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