The Acer k10 mini projector has just been announced by Acer and according to claims, it one of the lightest and smallest projector available in the market.  It has been designed especially for those business people who keep traveling all around the year.

DLP technology of Texas Instruments has been employed in the projector, as a TI representative says, but Acer has not used TI’s Pico chip.

The width of this new projecter is even smaller than an average pen and now you may be gather how tiny this creature is.

The Acer k10

As far as performance is concerned, LED technology has been used in the k10 and it can release up to 100 ANSI lumens brightness that indicates that you will be able to project a 60-inch diagonal image.

You can choose between 4:3 ratio and widescreen and a 1,000:1 contrast ration means that even in not-completely dark rooms, your PowerPoint will shine through.

The greatest advantage of this K10 has come forward as its compatibility with Acer’s laptops and other products. The same AC adopter has been used in the projector as in the Acer laptops.

So, you just need one power source for the two products.

The Acer K10 will hit the shelves earlier next year and it will set you back in just £299.