Adobe uncovers Strobe

At Streaming Media East conference in New York, Adobe revealed its new open-source Flash video player named as Strobe, the company has already made announcement about it during the last month and according to abode it will be available in the 3rd Q of this year.

Strobe is a thing that accompanies and architects plug-ins that based on Flash technology of Adobe and will help to develop custom video player with much ease.

It’s going to rely on YouTube or other videos of this type or going to host videos online, it’s still a thing more than a secret.

According to Jennifer Taylor, the director of Flash distribution and product management, all we have to do a lot to create it again out of scratch and that’s why we took longer, as we wanted to provide all what people wanted to get have for uploading videos online.

The crux of the announcement from Adobe at Streaming Media East was that a host of new big partners are going to join it that includes analytics firms to content delivery networks.   Akamai,, Grab Media, iStreamplanet, Level3, KickApps, Multicast, Panache, Visible Measure and Thumbplay and many other are the supporters of the new service.


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