The Advent 4211 offered the similar features, as you might have seen in the MSI PC, but it had a reasonable price tag. And now there is a large 6441 and we have to wait for finding out whether it achieves the same feat or not.

The Advent 6441 features a large 17-inch screen with integrated Blu-Ray drive and it quite clearly targets cinephiles.

You wouldn’t find its Blu-Ray playback disappointing, as the size and brightness of the screen work nicely in its favor and sound is also quite crispy and loud.

A whopping screen has been put in the Advent 6441, and it may not cover other drawbacks which this laptop has, as the Advent 6441 looks quite plasticy and cheap. You wouldn’t find the same aluminium chassis that you can see in most of the available laptops these days, its casing also looks quite thin, but when closed, it gives a sturdy feel.

When it comes to gaming performance, it is also up to the mark. It features an integrated graphics chip that can’t render some 3D games. Anyway, it is useless to expect a nice gaming experience from such a low price laptop.

It can’t be said that the Advent is throughout bad, as it has a full size keyboard with usual FN keys. Similarly, you would the trackpad quite responsive and work nicely with available solid buttons.

With 160GB hard disk drive and 4GB ram, the Advent 6441 will be available with Windows Vista. It also features a built-inYouCam camera and Blu-Ray playback software.

The advent 6441 has a decent battery life can clock in 150min in battery life when in power saving mode.  This is, indeed, an impressive battery life for a reasonably priced laptop. But when you watch something on Blu-Ray disc, it reduces to just over one hour.

In short, it is quite impressive to add such a whopping screen to a low price PC, similarly, some other features are also nice except plasticy and cheap looks.

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