video-gamer-logoResults of a new US study reveal that one out of every twelve young gamers show some signs of gaming addiction.

The study was conducted by the National Institute on Media and the Family with Iowa State University and it shows that one out of 12 in the 1,178 participants had some symptoms of gaming addiction and behavior that is often observed in gambling addict like to lie about the usage of games from their friends and family, to play these games to get rid of bad feelings and other problems, to feel restless and irritate when try to avoid these games, to skip homework for games and poor performance  in school are some of these traits.

According to Douglas Gentile, a professor at Iowa State University, “Video game addiction is not recognized as a mental disorder by the medical community, but this new study will pave a way for educated conversation on video games’ negative and positive effects.”


“The study also serves as a wake up call for many families,” he adds.
On the other hand, Dr. Cheryl Olson from Harvard University has raised some questions on the methodology used in the study. He says: “the issue is to label normal childhood behavior as “addicted” or “pathological” and similarly it is also questionable whether kids as old as 8 can precisely fill some self-administrated online questionnaire.”

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