All new Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird 3

Thunderbird 3Mozilla had already used the application of Thunderbird which became an instant hit with people looking for an email application procedure and now it is all set to launch a new version of Thunderbird! The big name of Internet has finally decided to announce the launch of Thunderbird 3 amidst immense expectations that has been attached to this by all their fans across the world.

This is excellent news for all those people who feel the need to email a lot and use a safe mailing account for all their work and this is where Thunderbird 3 comes in extremely handy and useful!

The CEO of Mozilla claims that this new version of Thunderbird now comes with amazingly easy to use features like all new filtering services among more options to make mailing incredibly effective for you. Thunderbird 3 will ensure that you have an extremely sleek and amazing address book and ways and means of arranging all your contacts in an incredible way.

Thunderbird already has millions of users all across the world and the launch of an all new and easy to use, packed with features Thunderbird will give you amazing mailing options. So make sure you use Thunderbird 3 soon.

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