Boston Globe reports that there are the elements of the legendary Robin Hood, King Arthur epics, tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons and you would find a lot of other nice blending of excellence and elegance in Live Action Role Playing (LARP). Alliance LARP has been trying to recreate these Days of Legend as you want them right now in the current age.

Alliance LARP was created in 1989 as NERO Alliance and it was changed to Alliance LARP during 07 and now it has become one of the oldest and largest live action fantasy games in the United States and they are here because they have been doing something right for quite sometime.

In the Alliance game, you develop a character concept for some fantasy story and then go to play that character in actual. It is quite similar to improvisational theater in which a framework is created through supporting characters and the props and you need to develop your part the game progress through storyline. The ambitions, attitudes and history of the character are at you to define.

If you are calling for an adventurous life, you may be playing a wanderer part or getting to together with your friends in a tavern. You are also allowed to play a town’s merchant part if your style is not according to the epic life.
Similarly, if you are looking for investigation in the art of magic, to sell your portions and scrolls to make money for your studies, you still have plenty of options for that.

These guys are quite committed to high fantasy legendary days with safe and full of fun gaming.
LARP message board is quite helpful for users to know about official announcements, rules, off topic, fiction and art, market place etc.

In their various weekend events, the users come to their camp that they decorate for a fantasy medieval town.  They have many Alliance chapters in different parts of the country and they can be your place to play. They can make your fantasy gaming experience really delightful.