Verizon Wireless is going to announce its new facility on Thursday. It is going to offer its subscribers the option to select 5 or 10 phone numbers on which they can call for free, without consuming their plan’s minutes. This facility will be provided on some qualifying plans.

It looks as if the facility has been adopted from Alltel’s popular feature, “My Circle”, a smaller carrier that was bought in January by Verizon Wireless. Announcing the feature means that Alltel’s former subscribers will be able to enjoy their facility without losing it.

Else more, new customers will also be able to get it.

The feature is said to start on Sunday, expanding the list of existing features. Verizon has named the featured facility as ‘Friends & Family’. People with single line subscription plans will be able to avail the facility for $60 per month.

They will have the option of 5 numbers selection and the customers having two lines will have the option of 10 numbers selection.

The per month charges for two lines subscription plan facility will be $90. Subscribers will have to select their number online after signing up for the facility.

Verizon Wireless is the largest cellular carrier now. It is a joint venture of British based Vodafone Group PLC and New York based Verizon.

Verizon bought MCI back in 1990s. MCI then had a long distant calling facility named as “Friends & Family”. A similar feature of selecting favorite numbers is also present with T-Mobile USA, named as “myFaves”.