Worried about your cats? How will they sneak in to the house? Or are they really yours? Just forget the worry part and install cat flaps by Pet Porte. They produce cat flaps that work with microchip scanners.

Pet Porte has designed these microchip scanner cat flaps specially to give complete security to your pets.

You might not know that the pet you are sleeping with or feeding is actually not yours. What a pity to know: neighborhood pets sneaking in your home and enjoying the stuff of your pet!

There are many other threats that you can face if you have the regular cat flaps; infra red cat flap, and magnetic cat flaps. You can’t guarantee of your home, cash and other valuables. It can’t be said what possibly can be sneaking in through the cat flaps in to your house other than neighboring pets.

These cat flaps not only secure your home from the neighboring cats and pets but also assure that you are cuddling with your own furry fellow. Your pet is also safe with Pet Porte cat flaps, as they are not in danger of being bitten by the invaders.

One of the many positive aspects of these cat flaps is that your cat can move around freely. You don’t need to buy collars or identity tags for your cats any more.

This will save a few pennies and the question of an extra expenditure of buying cat flaps dies. Comparatively you will be able to save 280 pounds per year.

Pet Porte has the following features:

  • Automatic door unlocking system for the house pet.
  • Options to program auto lock at night and unlock in the morning.
  • Works with your cat chip.
  • No batteries needed, as it is electricity based.
  • Extra door strength, measuring just 19.5cm wide and 25cm high.

The story does not end on sale and installation only, but you get also the post sale advice from the experts. You can call the help line number and get all kinds of information and queries served by the experts.

Moggies.co.uk, Cats Protection and Ourcats. These are specially tested by professionals with hand for the ultimate quality assurance. Pet Porte has been recommended by the top cat and vets behavior specialists; Your Cat Magazine,

Now with Pet Porte Microchip cat flaps you can go out without tension. Your pet can sneak back in at any time and enjoy its meal and bed. So keep yourself on the go without tensions.

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