amazone_logoAmazon’s Kindle took the world by storm last year, as most of users found this wireless electronic reading device quite amazing to easily satiate their thirst for knowledge. This Amazon kindle was portable and not heavier than a soft cover.

One could easily download newspapers, magazines, blogs and bulky books quite with amazing ease and comfort. There were buttons of each side to turn the pages, font and other things and you could even send your all documents to this wireless electronic device.

Most of us were not expecting that Amazon would improve this device so quickly and so nicely.

Well, now there is Kindle 2 with every feature that readers seek to make reading more enjoyable and convenient. What you want to read it delivers to you in just 60 seconds. Now you can get more than 230,000 book titles from their stores while many new magazines, newspapers and blogs are added there every day.


Some nice and somewhat amazing features that Amazon Kindle2 boasts are:

  • It has six font sizes
  • For clear crispy text you will 16 gray shades
  • Its glareless screen allows you to read even on the beach
  • Battery life is quite impressive almost 25% more than the previous version
  • You can store nearly 1500 books
  • Sleeker and slimmer with just 1/3” thickness
  • It weighs only 10.2lbs means a quite lighter than a usual paperback
  • With its 3G wireless connectivity, you can download books anywhere and anytime without service plans or any monthly fee.
  • Its new Text-to-Speech feature makes almost every book, magazine, blog and newspaper readable.


According to Oprah, the Kindle 2 is its new favorite gadget that has brought a lot of positive changes in her life. She says in her show,”It’s absolutely my new favorite thing in the world.”

The new Amazon Kindle 2 is a nice way to go no matter whether you want to read on the beach or under some tree.

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