Android 13 lets you run Windows 11 directly on your smartphone

With improved virtualization tools

Android developer Danny Lin, known under the Twitter nickname kdrag0n, launched the Google Pixel 6 OS Windws 11, or, more precisely, its version for devices with CPUs on the Arm architecture. In doing so, Android 13 DP1 was installed on the smartphone, and that was the key to running Windows.

Windows 11

The fact is that in Android 13 Google will significantly improve the virtualization capabilities. What will be in the final version, it is impossible to say yet, but even Android 13 DP1 allows you to run Windows 11 Arm. According to the developer, the system is fully functional, except that the hardware acceleration by GPU does not work. However, even this did not prevent you from running the classic Doom on the Pixel 6.

Windows 11 is not the only OS that the Pixel 6 has managed to run on at the expense of the new virtualization tools. Danny Lin has done the same with various Linux distributions.

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