According to Eric Chu of Google, The Android market “will support priced applications starting early Q1 2009″. Meaning thereby, the users will have to pay for the developers, which gives a bit of uneasy feelings. But the eventual results will definitely be better.

The payment to application developers will first begin in America and United Kingdom in early quarter of 2009. Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Italy will also be included later.


Google is also planning to widen the market for Android. Previously it is sold in Europe and specific Asian countries.


Now Android will be reaching to people in Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Soon with the launch of G1 sets in America, Android will be coming to the new market at the same time.

Android has a strong market value. It is an intelligent phone operating server just like the iPhone. People can use it to download and share information on quick and easy grounds.

The Android users are also allowed to leave comment about the application they download.

At the time of its launch, there were around 50 applications in Android. This expanded to a large number when Google opened it in the market for developers.

Android has been widely liked. Previously the users of Android had been enjoying a lot of free stuff, as the application developers were not getting paid for their efforts.

The payment to application developers was the only aspect that was absent. But now it too has been covered.