Animatronic DolphinsAnimal-assisted & Creative Therapies is a company that has announced to build a new facility in Florida in which animatronic dolphins instead of the real ones will be used to assist those kids who have some developmental issues. The company is also considering featuring therapy dogs, miniature horses as well as parents’ training.

These new TAD or Therapeutic Animatronic Dolphins seem to imitate the effects of live interaction between patients and dolphins, as they could move and squeak slightly.

These robot dolphins worth $40,000 and Animal Makers, who is quite well known as special effects artists are behind the creation of this dolphin, Animal Makers have also created many other life-like animals for different films that also include films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Ace Ventura.

Animatronic Dolphins

Dr. David Nathanson, the owner of the ACT, says: “ I have no qualm to say that ours is the first therapy program in the world that will use some animatronic animals to address the developmental issues in kids with some really impressive improvements and this program will prove quite effective for adults and children with problems like cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and many other similar problems.”

Different animal rights organizations including PETA have never recognized DHT as a really legitimate therapy and they have been opposing such sort of therapies for quite some time.

Source: techradar

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