The 3 network UK, today has announced the launched of its new ‘3 on Demand’ service for mobile phones. With this service you can enjoy TV programs of your choice on your mobiles.

With the activation of this service, you will be able to enjoy streaming of full episode.

There is no limited list of programs. You can watch anything any time, including animated movies to reality shows. Now a bad time can be converted into a good time by watching TV on the run.

The amazing options of the service prevent you from getting bored if you are facing bad signal problem. You don’t have to worry at all. It allows you to pause and play and enjoy the program right from where you left.

CEO Mobix Interactive, Damian Mulcock said, “Consumers want the choice of how and when they engage with content and being able to start, pause and resume fits neatly into the mobile lifestyle.

We are excited by the arrival of full form programming to the mobile environment, as well as Adrenalin’s capability to deliver this new experience, as it is indicative of the momentum in the convergence strategies of our customers and the growing demand for multi-access by consumers.”

The episodes come in bite size chunks and will cost up to 0.99 pounds to 1.99 pounds rental charges for each episode, or per week. This content offered from Mobix Interactive includes on-portal live TV screaming and off-portal programs too, such as Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3.

Product Manager 3 UK, Alex Woodhams said, “We feel the range of content that we are offering coupled with the strength of our 3G network creates an unrivalled mobile TV proposition”.

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