Another batch of 4000 Motorola Employees To Go home

Motorola is sending another batch of 4000 employees back to their homes. As the economical crisis is on its strike, Motorola seems to be amongst the most effected companies.

News is coming every now and then that Motorola is sending such and such number of employees back to homes. Also, that such and so mobile sets will be stopped from being produced. Like, the news of ditching the old handsets like Symbian-heavy handsets, points to the troubles Motorola is facing.

It is thought that probably Motorola is unable to compete with the market ruled by iPhone. This is considered to be the appropriate reason why the number of employees going home is increasing day by day.

Around 3000 employees have already been given their P45; a tax paid at the time of an employee leaving job. According to a report by Boy Genius Report, this time to time expelling of employees by Motorola is making the total of 7000 employees in all, which is a great number of employees.

This not only shows that the company is not able to generate any profit, but it also is damaging Motorola’s market value. Moreover, Motorola will be taken as an unreliable employer.

Most of the jobs facing expulsion are reported to be from the handset division. More seriously, the new batches of 4000 employees are put in home going process with an immediate effect.

Prevailing economical crisis seems to be heavier on Motorola than any other. Let’s hope that the company manages to fight the crisis in the running year.

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