aol-propeller-logoIt was in 2006 when AOL launched its Propeller as “Digg Slayer” that was quite similar to Digg with some editorial oversight that caused loads of traffic in its direction. These Netscape users had to see a usual news page and often didn’t find anything to do at the site.

With the passage of time, different changes were made on the site that including change of its name, occasional layoffs and to pay for news submission.

Even a mascot was also added in the site, but nothing proved worthwhile to stop its fall. But now AOL appeals from the previous users of the site to give it another try.

Almost a year back, around 4.6m people used to visit that site in a month, but now 2.1m visitors visit the site every month with 50 percent decline in unique visitors. Similar sort of decline has been noticed in page that are just 6m per month.

It is quite evident that Propeller is near to go into the deadpool, but the good thing is that still Propeller guys working on it and not willing to give up right now.

AOL And Propeller

In an email to those registered users that couldn’t sign up until recently, Propeller GM Tom Drapeau says: “We have noticed that you have an active account at Propeller, but you didn’t find you for a while And this email is to encourage you for a return visit to make Propeller a part of your daily news consumption.”

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