The price of Apple’s fastest, thinnest and lightest MacBook Air has been quietly dropped by the company.
It appears that the price reduction is a result of a $400 drop in the price of the 64-GB hard drive and a $ 100 drop in 1.8-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The new price of the deluxe model is $ 2,598.There is no change in the price of the base model that has a 1.6-GHz processor and it remains $1,799.


During the last week, the price of the quicker notebook was around $3,098, as narrated in a promoting note found on Google’s search cache during the last week. The Apple-enthusiast site uncovered the item. A reduction of $200 from $300 was made in the processor upgrade while the price of hard-disk was dropped $599 from $999.
It’s not a new thing for computer makers as they often drop prices with the drop in component prices. The Air was unveiled in January at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco.


The machine is a class of its own with its 13.3—inch display large size keyboard, 3 lbs weight and extremely thin hinge.
This thinness of the machine has been achieved in part by a smallerized 65-nanmeter Core 2 Duo processor that has been derived from Intel’s older Merom line. The processor consumes less power while delivering comparable speeds and it is almost 60% smaller than the usual Merom chip but at the same time it is considerably slower than the new Intel Core 2 Duo processors that have been used in other new notebooks.

The inches in the MacBook Air have also been decreased by utilizing a slimmer hard drive and reducing its CD/DVD optical SuperDrive on the whole.

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