Apple has just announced about an updated Xserve version that will be more than double in performance than the forerunner system.

It features Intel’s Nehalem Xeon processor as well as next generation system architecture.

The Xserve has been rack-optimized with the 1U that helps it to offer almost 89% boost in performance per watt. Aside from 2.93 GHz Intel Xeon processor, it will also offer leading storage option of the industry with up to 3TB lower-power SSD for internal storage.

Apple’s Mac product vice president, David Moody says in this connection: “it is, indeed, the best workgroup server for business, education and creative customers, as it has almost double boost in performance, a lot better power efficiency as well as a real groundbreaking SSD drive option and  combining all these we have produced the best possible Xserve.”

Some other well-known features and specs include 3GB of 1066MHz DDR3 EEC RAM, on-board dual GB Ethernet, Mini DisplayPort for internal graphics, two PCI Express 2.0×16 expansion slots, 3 USB 2.0 ports with two Fire Wire 800 and an unlimited client license for OS X Mac Server.

This high performance Xserve hardware products set a new high standard for some really eco-friendly devices with its PVC-free internal cables and other nice components that make it nearly 89% more efficient in energy.

When it comes to availability and pricing of this new Xserve, you can easily find it via Apple Store with a price tag of $2,999 for standard configuration.