Apple comes out with 2008’s Top10 App downloads for iPhone

With 2008 almost on the way of ending and close to 10,000 applications with them, Apple has come out with a series of lists, which outlines the application scoring the most number of downloads since App Store was launched in July.

The lists have been separated by whether applications are free or paid. Then, they are separated on the basis of overall look and then by every main application category (entertainment, games, utilities, music and social networking). While overall top applications shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, who has taken occasional glance at built-in top download pages of iPhone, there are certain remarkable names concealed in the data that are separated categorically.

Top Paid Apps (Overall):

Koi Pond, Texas Hold’em, Moto Chaser, Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d, Super Monkey Ball, Cro-Mag zally, Enigmo, Pocket Guitar, Recorder, iBeer

Of the names that are there on this list, the only surprising fact is the rank of Super Monkey Ball, which could have been higher. When App store was launched, it seemed to everyone that Super Monkey became the face of gaming on iPhone. What might have hindered its chances for a higher rank is that the game was expensive at the time of launch. However, it was a great show for Pangea Software. They secured two positions on the list with Cro-Mag Rally (6) and Enigmo (7).


Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall) are Pandora Radio, Facebook, Tap Tap Revenge, Shazam, Labyrinth Lite Edition, Remote, Google Earth, Lightsaber Unleashed, AIM, Urbanspoon.

What was interesting in this list was the entry of Google Earth. The application was launched in App Stores only couple of months back for iPhone and it cracked into the Top 10 for free downloads.

Top Paid Games are Texas Hold’em, Moto Chaser, Crash Bandicoot : Nitro Kart 3d, Super Monkey Ball, Cro-Mag Rally, Enigmo, Air Hockey, Bejeweled 2, Flick Bowling, Line Rider iRide.

Top Free Games are Tap Tap Revenge, Labyrinth Lite Edition, Sol Free Solitaire, iBowl, Pac-Man Lite, Touch Hockey:FS5, Cannon Challenge, Audi A4 Driving Challenge, Sudoku, reMovem. Although some doubted its top position in this list, Tap Tap Revenge had fairly constant buzz surrounding it and deserved its top position. However, the surprising element was the position of Sudoku, which went way down to number 9.

Top Paid Entertainment are Koi Pond, iBeer, iChalky, Face Melter, iFish, TouchScan, What’s on TV, Pocket Piano, Sketches, OneTap Movies. A surprising entry in the list at #6 is ‘TouchScan’. It is a 99-cent application, which scans minds of 2 people at the same time and compares the recorded brain waves. They do it by way of a fake on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Top Free Entertainment are  Remote, Lightsaber Unleashed, i.TV, BubbleWrap, Movies, iDoodle 2 lite, Showtimes, Now Playing, Scribble, Crazy Pumpkin. Presence of ‘Crazy Pumpkin’ in the list proves that how much impact holiday-themed applications can have with users. It puts faces of Jack-o-lantern on the screen of your iPhone. It managed to get adequate swing from coverage around Halloween for getting barely into the top 10.

Top Paid Utilities are Units (crossroad solutions), A Level, Air Mouse, Fake Calls, Voice Record, Clinometer, Spell Check, Speed Dial, FileMagnet, iNetwork Speed Test. Top Free Utilities are Flashlight, myLite Flashlight, Say Who - Dialer, Units (TheMacBox), Compass Free, Alarm Free, A Free Level, Molecules, Speed Test, myLighter.

Presence of ‘Units’, in both free and paid utilities is good, although they are two dissimilar applications, TheMacBox & Crossroad Solutions. Top Paid Social Networking are MobileChat, BeejiveIM,  Quip, Rooms - Your Mobile Chat Client, Twitterrific Premium, Flutter, Twittelator Pro, mBoxMail, Secrets, hiCard - Suite.

What is impressive in this list is the presence of BeeJiveIM. The application not only made its way into Top 10 paid social networking, but landed at a remarkable #2. I’m not shocked with this result, as the quality of this application is quite good. However, its price of $16 was too high. In a market, where number of users complains with 99-cent applications to be too expensive, performance of BeeJive is actually shocking.

Top Free Social Networking are Facebook, AIM, Myspace Mobile, IM+ Lite, Loopt, Fring, Palringo IM, Earthscape, Twitterrific, Avatar. Facebook getting one up on Myspace isn’t an unexpected thing, as the former has been performing brilliantly in the field of social networking recently.

Top Paid Music are PocketGuitar, Drum Kit, Ocarina, Pianist, Band, Tuner Internet Radio, Beat Maker,  Guitar Toolkit, Harmonica, Guitarist. Top Free Music are Pandora Radio, Shazam, AOL Radio, Midomi, Mini Piano, iheart Radio, MixMeister Scratch, FlyCast Mobile Radio, Last.FM, DigiDrummer Lite.

There’s one interesting thing to note in both this lists, although this one will hardly make any sense. Majority (9 of 10) in the paid applications were for making music, whereas majority (7 of 10) in free apps is targeted at listening to music

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