Apple earned 49% profits!

Apple’s iPhone’s demand is increasing fast. The New Slate Computer by Apple is now about to launch in this week. Apple gained the very best financial figures in the last quarter of the year 2009. Rapidly increase in the demand for Apple’s iPhone made the greatest sales ever during the last Christmas holidays and so is the profits.

Apple is calculating massive figures in its revenues in the last quarter three months till December 2009. It was increased to 32% and made about $15.68bn in the same quarter. They sold around 8.7 billion iPhones all over the world in three months. They also sold 1.36million computers in the same quarter. The only shocking news from the Apple Store was its – iPod. Gone down to 8 percent.

Apple is very excited about its new and upcoming products for this year. Mentioned by the company officials, it is going to be another cheerful year for Apple, which is going to be unveiled from this week. To name a few, there will be iPod, iBook and iSlate and whatever else they have lined up for the following months of 2010.

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