Apple has allowed apps to be deleted from the public domain

Apple has added a new feature that will make the App Store a little less cluttered. A new page has appeared in the tech support section of the company's website, which describes the procedure for removing apps from the public domain.

If a developer feels that their app is not suitable for distribution to an unrestricted audience, they can submit a request on Apple's site and ask that it be excluded from public access. If the request is approved, the app will no longer appear "in any category, recommendation, chart, search result, or other App Store listing. Such an app would be downloadable either through a direct link or through the Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager platforms.

Apple AppStore

The company says the new software distribution method would be appropriate for apps that have been developed for individual organizations, special events, research projects and other instances that don't really involve public use. At the same time, this tool, Apple specifies, should not be used at the stage of application development - all applications related to pre-release and beta versions will be rejected.

The new status can be assigned to both new and existing applications. Software that is excluded from public access will remain as such for all subsequent releases. The direct link for existing applications with the non-public status will not change.


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