It was in July last year when the iPhone 3G emerged, as a groundbreaking handset with loads of chanting features and Apple’s cash cow (App Store) support.

You might have flipped through thousands of posts related to top 5, 7, 10,20…… iPhone apps, but at last Apple had to list itself top 20 paid-for and free apps for its iPhone according to the number of downloads of these Apps from their App Store.

The apps which have been included in the list of free apps, most of iPhone users might have already downloaded from Apps store. But still you need to give a close look to the list, as you may be missing something very important from these listed apps.

Considering the amounts of downloads from the App Store, it can be said without any qualm that it has become one of the fastest growing businesses on the internet and that’s why almost all big players like Microsoft, RIM are developing their  own such download app stores viewing App’s Store remarkable success.

“There are not lots of barriers to enter App Store and that’s the nicest thing about the App Store,” says David Rowan, editor of UK magazine Wired in the Guardian.

Touch Hockey, iPint, Google Earth, Facebook and Pac-Man Lite are top five free apps for the iPhone in UK and Flick Fishing, Virtual Pool, Crash Bandicoot and Moto Chaser are  top five paid for iPhone apps.

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